Venomous Creatures Might Be a Cure for Cancer

There are health benefits to the bites of all the scary crawly things.

New studies suggest that we may want to take a look at venomous bites as something more than just a disaster to be avoided. Bites have the ability to be very accurate and target specific parts of our body. Medical researchers are now looking into how these bites can be used to cure disease. Nova developed a photo essay showing some of the scariest bites and how they can be used to cure disease.

While the rattlesnake may not be on the list of useful poisons, scorpions are. A scorpion's venom is attracted to cancer cells and, if administered in the correct dosage, has the ability to target cancer cells in the blood stream. Some large medical advances may be locked away in some of earth's deadliest creatures.

Photo (flickr), Creative Common License 2.0, by mikelehen