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Voters Commemorate A Historic Election Day At Susan B. Anthony's Grave

It’s a historic day for women in America.

via Twitter

Heavy turnout is expected for today’s presidential election with lines stretching around the block in many polling places around the country. Lines are also forming at Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York, the burial place of women’s suffrage activist Susan B. Anthony. Thousands are flocking to her grave to place “I Voted Today” stickers on her tombstone after casting their ballots for Hillary Clinton. Should Clinton win today’s election, she’ll become the first woman ever elected president of the United States.

via Twitter

According to city officials, visitors have waited up to two hours to place their stickers on Anthony’s grave and take a photo commemorating the historic day. Mount Hope has also extended its visiting hours until polls close at 9 p.m.

“In past years, many Election Day visitors to Ms. Anthony’s grave site have left behind their ‘I Voted Today’ stickers. Provisions will be made to allow this practice to continue with commemorative boards in place. …

“All visitors are asked to remember Mount Hope is an active cemetery and to please be respectful. Personnel will be on site to assist visitors. After dark (5:30 p.m.), access to Ms. Anthony’s grave site will be limited to pedestrians and flashlights are recommended. The area containing Ms. Anthony’s grave is in an older portion of the cemetery and can become congested with many visitors.”

via Twitter

This historic moment is also being commemorated at the graves of two other important leaders of the women’s suffrage movement: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Ida B. Wells. Stanton helped found the National Women’s Suffrage Association and Wells was a former slave who became a journalist and worked for the women’s suffrage and civil right’s movements.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's grave site via Twitter

Ida B Wells' grave site via Twitter

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