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Chicago Police Escort Fatherless Girls To Community Dance

‘It let the girls know that officers are just people too and we dance.’

via Twitter

Social scientists have found that positive father-daughter relationships have profound effects on women’s lives. Research shows that girls with strong paternal role models do much better in academics which, in turn, leads to more successful careers. They also grow to be more confident and enjoy longer-lasting marriages. That’s why the Chicago Police Department and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives’ recent efforts to bring fathers and daughters together is so important.

Last May, the Chicago Police Department sponsored its second-annual Daddy-Daughter Dance which was held at the South Shore Cultural Center. Fathers and daughters from the local community were invited to attend an evening of of dancing, refreshments and much-needed quality time. For any of the 150 girls in attendance who didn’t have a father or theirs was unable to attend, a member of the CPD gladly stepped in to escort them.

“After last year’s event, we had several officers and the young ladies that they escorted, they kept up with one another and it really bridged a gap,” Sgt. Kimberly Woods told WMAQ News. “It let the girls know that officers are just people too and we dance, and we dance funny like your dads do.” Not only was the evening a great way for fathers and daughters to spend time together, it was a fun way for law enforcement officials to improve their relationships with the community as well.

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