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Chrissy Teigen Quietly Paid This Girl's Beauty School Tuition, But The Secret Got Out Quickly

“If I ever meet Chrissy Teigen in person, I'm giving her the biggest hug on earth”

Celebrities often mention that they “owe it all to their fans.” In fact, it’s said so often that the cliche bears little weight anymore. Rather than pay lip service to a fan, supermodel Chrissy Teigen made a powerful statement in support of a fan in a very different and very profound manner.

Mercedes Edney has been pursuing her dream of beauty school with a crowdfunding effort that had, after two months, netted her just $400 of the $6,000 tuition she needed.

Things were looking bleak, and it was becoming clear to Mercedes that she needed to, once again, put school on the backburner while she saved money to cover tuition.

Then, apropos of seemingly nothing, she got a notification that her fundraising goal had been met thanks to one generous donation.

It turns out that while Mercedes had been admiring Teigen on social media, Teigen had been admiring Mercedes’ passion for beauty right back.

Receiving such a gift is a blessing unto itself, but to get it from someone you admire, someone you aspire to be, well…

Celebrities, take note: You can recite canned statements about how much your fans mean to you. Or you can be like Chrissy Teigen, reciprocate just a fraction of the attention and admiration that’s bestowed upon you, and use your station to lift up a fan.

Let’s hope Mercedes gets a chance to meet Chrissy and give her that hug she’s owed.

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