When This City Couldn’t Fix Its Potholes, These ‘Guerrilla Road Radicals’ Stepped Up Instead

This is what happens when engaged citizens get tired of waiting.

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Hamtramck, Michigan, is broke. The city of 22,000 only recently emerged from financial emergency status, and fixing potholes—understandably—has been on the bottom of their to-do list. Many worried that it would be a while before the roads were repaired, which is why a group of local citizens and friends—calling themselves “Hamtramck Guerrilla Road Repair”—decided that they would band together and start fixing them on their own.

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The group initially started with their block, but then started fixing other streets in the town, block by block. To fund the project, the group hopes to raise $5,000, and has already raised over $3,700 of their estimated goal. According to their GoFundMe, “We have already started our project with money from our own pockets using cold patch on a block of Lumpkin which now looks and feels more like a proper street rather than the surface of the moon.”

The town’s mayor has given the group her endorsement, and the crew (who’s also asking for volunteers) has no plans on stopping. To learn more about this ragtag group of Road Radicals, check out their GoFundMe, here.

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