City Of Are You Kidding?

What do Israel, Kuwait, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and China have in common? Oil money, sure... Contentious relations with the U.S., at times... Now, thanks to Kuwait's development of a Dubai-esque utopiatropolis , these places will all be linked by railway. Plans are in the works to connect Israel and China via Damascus and Baghdad with a train line. The railway is a component of Kuwait's $132-billion-dollar development of the City of Silk (Madinat Al Hareer) , where "no one will ever be more than three blocks from water or gardens... a vast National Wildlife Refuge is in the works... and medical treatment along with fresh, healthy food will be accessible on foot for 80% of residents."

Sounds pretty ok. And the ability to travel from Israel to China by train definitely ups the adventure potential for your average backpacker, and lowers the carbon footprint.

Slated to be finished by 2023, the City of Silk plans also include the construction of the world's tallest skyscraper , at 1001 meters. Talk about lofty goals. Hopefully they're not planning to hire twirly towers guy .

Via Inhabitat