Amazing Dog Hops Over a Fence and Onto a Train to Track Down His Owner

That is one clever dog.

Thomas McCormack, a handyman in the UK, had an unexpected family member sit down next to him on his train ride to work—his dog, Paddy. “I jumped on the train and the next thing I know Paddy comes in and sits on the seat next to me,” he told the Kirkintilloch Herald. “I was shocked. He just looked at me as if he was saying ‘Where are you going?’”

McCormack couldn’t believe his eyes, and began to frantically search his mind for a way that Paddy could have followed him all the way to the train station. He remembered to lock the gate that morning, so how did Paddy get out? After speaking with his neighbors, he learned that Paddy had become quite adept at exercising on the trampoline in McCormack’s yard.

[quote position="full" is_quote="true"]That's how he got out. He is some dog...He obviously followed my scent all the way to the station and jumped in the seat next to me. It's the only explanation I have.[/quote]

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(H/T) The Dodo