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'Climate Cliff' Foe Is Likely Massachusetts Senate Candidate

With John Kerry all but certain to be the next Secretary of State, a new Senate race in Massachusetts is gearing up.

I know you. I know your vice—it's politics. You're addicted and now that the presidential election is long-gone (remember that?) and we're in a little gap between scary Congressionally constructed crises, you need a fix.

Well, don't worry. Massachusetts has probably got you covered.

The state that gave you Elizabeth Warren vs. Scott Brown for Senate—with actually interesting things happening—may just keep you and Nate Silver in the business of filling each other's needs a little bit longer.

With John Kerry all but certain to be the next Secretary of State, two things are also likely to happen:

  • Elizabeth Warren is going to be the senior senator from Massachusetts
  • We're gonna need another senator
  • \n

Can you think of anybody who'd want to be a senator from Massachusetts and would think they'd have a good shot in an off-season special election? Anybody who, let's say, was elected senator under exactly those circumstances in 2010? Yes, probably Scott Brown. So convinced of his candidacy and likely success were many pundits, that it was listed as one reason the president wouldn't want to nominate Kerry for Secretary of State. But Brown isn't a sure bet, which gives a little more hope to a guy who sounded more concerned with the "climate cliff" than with the "fiscal cliff": U.S. Rep. Ed Markey.

Markey has also written about climate change, Superstorm Sandy and the warning to his own coastal state, commemorated the 50th anniversary of "Silent Spring" and co-sponsored a significant climate and energy bill that passed in the House in 2009, but was defeated in the Senate.

So, yes, I imagine it will be an interesting race.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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