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Here’s Your Chance to Tell the World’s Most Influential Leaders What to Do. Seriously.

We promise—they’re listening. #CGI2015 #futureofimpact

Another CGI Commitment to Action led to Make It Right, founded by Brad Pitt in 2007. Make It Right builds homes, buildings, and communities for people in need—all projects are LEED Platinum certified and Cradle to Cradle inspired, meeting the highest standards of green building.

It isn’t very often that more than 1,000 of the world’s most influential people are in the same building. But that’s what’ll happen September 26-29, when the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) holds its 11th Annual Meeting. The likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and many (many) more will put their heads together to come up with real, actionable solutions to major problems.

So hear’s what’s especially cool about that: This year, CGI wants you to tell these world leaders what to do. No, really.

At every Annual Meeting, each CGI member is asked to make a Commitment to Action—a new, specific, and measurable plan that addresses an important global issue. In the past year alone, CGI members worked together to respond to and address a wide range of critical issues, from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to the Syrian refugee crisis. More than 3,200 Commitments to Action have already been made—changing the lives of 430 million people all over the world.

This year, CGI has partnered with GOOD because they want to know what you think they should do next. We promise—they’re listening.

In 2010, The Timberland Company committed to developing a large scale agro-forestry program within deforested, rural Haiti called the Smallholder Farmers Alliance.

To get you started, the theme of the meeting is “The Future of Impact.” To participate, just tell us your vision for the future on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #futureofimpact. Or, send your message using this super simple form—we’ve tossed out a few prompts to kick things off.

What do you see as the most important global issue for the next 10 years? What do you think the next generation will (or should) thank us for? Where and how should global leaders focus their efforts? Your answers to these questions will be curated and presented before some pretty incredible policy-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Really. (Plus, we’ll share some of the most thought-provoking responses here on GOOD.)

Check back here for more exciting updates about the Clinton Global Initiative 11th Annual Meeting, hosted by President Bill Clinton and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton, over the coming weeks.

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