Closet Forecaster: Website Gives You Weather and Picks Your Wardrobe

A new website picks out your daily outfit based on the weather.

Wasn't life so much easier when your parents dressed you? The new website takes you back to those days—only with upgraded ideas for your wardrobe based on the weather. Wevther lets you select your location by zip code or default and then forecasts your temperature and an outfit for the day.
The site uses an algorithm to curate your clothes from hundreds of unaffiliated online shops, so that you can actually purchase your outfit selection.
Relaunched this month after a hiatus due to technical difficulties, the Wevther is still working out some kinks, like featuring international cities, which should be up and running soon. The site was started by New York-based designers Jacob Heftmann and Jack Pearkes whose simple motto is "We don't care about the weather, we just want to be comfortable." Now you can too.