Stephen Colbert Surprised Viewers With His Blistering Take On Hillary Clinton’s Emails

We’re guessing she wasn’t amused

Late Show host Stephen Colbert is no fan of Donald Trump. And when he opened a segment this week riffing on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, it sounded like he was about to tread some familiar ground, downplaying the nature of the controversy and scoring some easy points against overzealous Republicans.

But then things took a very different spin when he decided to “take the gloves off” in a hilarious new segment. When Colbert is at his best, he’s a viciously insightful truth teller who isn’t afraid to hold powerful people accountable while making the rest of us crack up. Backed with a little old school 80’s rap battle music, he fired off some powerful (and ridiculous) shots at Hillary’s reputation. Even if you’re the world’s biggest Clinton fan, it’s hard not to laugh at some of these gems:

“Secretary Clinton, you are so untrustworthy that Beyoncé is working on a concept album about you.”

“You’re so reckless on the Internet that AOL has asked for its 40 free hours back.”

“You are so bad at running for president that I almost remembered who Martin O’Malley is.”

“Since you’re bad at lying, let me show you how to do it: ‘I trust Hillary Clinton.’”

And, of course:

“You’re so bad at running for president, the only person you could beat is Donald Trump.”