Meet Colbert’s Late Night Successor

Larry Wilmore will take over Colbert’s old spot on January 19th.

“The Colbert Report” is officially a thing of the past and the gaping eagle-shaped hole left in our collective hearts is very real. Luckily for Comedy Central viewers, comedian Larry Wilmore is set to take over the abandoned slot come January 19 (MLK Jr. Day) at 11:30 pm, following The Daily Show with John Stewart with his newly developed The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

Wilmore, a former Daily Show correspondent and comedian, has said that the show will continue the mock news format and will focus mainly on underdogs. “That happens in a lot of different forms, whether it’s race, gender, or whatever,” he told the New York Times.

At 53 years old, Wilmore is an industry vet with acting credits on everything from The Facts of Life to Happy Endings and writing gigs on The Office, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and more. Wilmore is also a well-regarded producer in the comedy world, having created The Bernie Mac Show with Bernie Mac (he won an Emmy for writing the pilot) and The PJs with Eddie Murphy as well as Whoopi with Whoopi Goldberg. His most recent comedy, Black-ish is currently holding its own while delving into racial identity every Wednesday night following Modern Family on ABC.

Brush up on your Wilmore with these videos (and a podcast!):