Combining Technology with Public Transit Combining Technology with Public Transit

Combining Technology with Public Transit

by Morgan Clendaniel

January 15, 2010
is a website by the same people behind WalkScore, which aggregates various internet and mobile applications that make using public transportation (as well as walking and biking easier). This is great because people need all the encouragement they can get to not drive, and an iPhone app that tells you when the next bus is coming makes taking the bus a lot easier than standing outside and hoping. City-Go-Round has also put the pressure on cities to release their transportation data to the public. Cities are, for the most part, much too busy and cash-strapped actually running things to do things like make little helpful transit apps. By opening up their transit data (subway maps, bus arrival times, and so forth), they can let the people make the apps themselves. So far, it's working great, and New York's MTA just opened its data yesterday, leaving New Jersey Transit as the largest entity in the country to still be withholding data. Make your public transit life a little easier and check out City-Go-Rounds selection of apps.That art is an interactive map of what cities do and don't release their data.
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Combining Technology with Public Transit