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Couple Forecloses on Bank of America, Wins

One Florida couple publicly shamed Bank of America in order to get what was owed to them. Is this what everyday folks need to do nowadays?


Back in February we reported on a Philadelphia man who foreclosed on Wells Fargo for not refunding erroneous fees. All he did was file with the sheriff, asking for the bank's assets to be seized and he got his money back.

But this Florida couple really went through with it. An armed sheriff's deputy showed up at the bank with movers and an empty truck ready to seize furniture, computers and other assets (like the money) if Bank of America didn't fork over the $2,534 they owed Maureen Nyerger and her husband for wrongfully filing for foreclosure on their home.

Attorney Todd Allen said in the South Florida News-Press, “I’m leaving the building with either cash, a check or a whole lot of furniture.” The News-Press has a longer video than the one above from the local CBS affiliate.

It's sad that it has to come to public shaming to get a bank to pay up what it owes, but admit it, it's fun to watch.

This isn't just antics, though, it's part of an emerging strategy of everyday folks fighting back against big business bullies. When a deep-pocketed business charges erroneous fees it can be just as costly to fight it as pay up in some cases, and unless there are consequences to the company, they have little incentive to fess up and do right.

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