CPAC Ron Paul Video: Fox News Caught Faking It Again

Fox News used footage from last year's CPAC straw poll and represented it as being from this year.

Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. But in its report, Fox News used footage of the announcement from last year's conference (where Paul also won) and represented it as being from this year. Fox News's Bill Hemmer then makes a big deal about how the crowd booed Paul, when that was actually not the case this year. The video is a little long, but worth watching.


So is Fox News deliberately trying to deceive viewers or is this just an example of sloppiness? In this case, my guess is that Bill Hemmer didn't know he was using 2010 footage. (If he did know, wouldn't he have been concerned that Ron Paul would notice and point out the error on the air?) But either way, know that Fox isn't super concerned with the truth.

Via Boing Boing