Crazy 100-year-old City Idea Might Make Sense

Here is a fun bit of city planning arcana from TreeHugger:
In 1910, Edgar Chambless released Roadtown, outlining his idea for a linear city built on top of a railway line. "The idea occurred to me to lay the modern skyscraper on its side and run the elevators and the pipes and wires horizontally instead of vertically. Such a house would not be limited by the stresses and strains of steel; it could be built not only a hundred stories, but a thousand stories or a thousand miles....I would take the apartment house and all its conveniences and comforts out among the farms by the aid of wires, pipes and of rapid and noiseless transportation."
See some more images over at the full post, as well as an explanation for why this harebrained idea could actually makes some amount of sense in today's world.