Creativity Kickstart: Every Apple Commercial Ever Made

Need creative inspiration? Check out Apple's YouTube channel with an archive of every commercial they ever made.

is known as much for its innovation and good design, as for its brilliant marketing campaigns. There's that chilling television commercial from 1984 that announced its technology would free users from George Orwell's vision of the future. Then there's that bizarre Will Ferrell ad for the iPod where he claims—for no apparent reason—to be a porn star. Now you can check out every ad Apple ever aired on their YouTube channel that hosts an entire archive, finding that everyone from John Malkovich to Spike Lee have promoted the computer giant. It also includes their first known commercial from 1977, which touted the Apple II as the "appliance of the 80s for all those pesky household chores."

It's a great trip down memory lane and a good way to kickstart some creative inspiration, whether you believe Apple has become Big Brother, or not.