Culinary Misfits: Saving Ugly Vegetables from Rejection

Nearly half the food grown in the U.S. never gets eaten—it gets forgotten at the back of the fridge, or languishes on supermarket shelves, or, in some cases, never makes it off the farm. Most consumers (and, therefore, grocery stores) want flawless-looking produce, so farmers usually throw out crooked or otherwise unusual fruits and vegetables.
Culinary Misfits, a catering service in Berlin, travels to farms to buy veggies that would normally be rejected and creates gorgeous dishes from them. The food has been so popular that Culinary Misfits is currently planning to open their own restaurant (a crowdfunding campaign is underway now).


The project was the brainchild of two product designers who wanted to raise awareness about how much food is thrown out. On her blog, one of the designers explains how she fell in love with crooked vegetables:
I became a huge collector, which wasn't always easy, since the vegetables I was looking for are the forgotten and abandoned ones. They are the culinary misfits. They don't fit in any standard norm and therefore we never get to see them anymore. Instead they get wasted. Because today we want the perfect body, the perfect skin, the perfect nose, the perfect everything ... and of course we also want the perfect carrot, too!

Here’s to showing that a crazily-twisted carrot can be considered just as perfect as the ones that normally make it to stores.
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