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D.C. Schools Are Losers in Gilbert Arenas Suspension D.C. Schools Are Losers in Gilbert Arenas Suspension

D.C. Schools Are Losers in Gilbert Arenas Suspension

by Nikhil Swaminathan

January 9, 2010
We all know Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas screwed himself by brandishing a gun in his team's locker room late last year. What many outside the Beltway probably don't know is that D.C. public schools are getting screwed, as well.Since the 2006-2007 NBA season, Arenas has donated nearly $400,000 in money to D.C. schools through his Scores for Schools program. Last year, 41 area schools received a $150 for every point the three-time All Star scored.Now that Arenas is suspended indefinitely without pay for violating NBA policy regarding weapons on NBA property, there will be no money to dole out. Valerie Strauss, over at The Washington Post's "The Answer Sheet"-blog, suggests: "The NBA should make Arenas PLAY indefinitely without pay and hand over his huge salary to public schools, which are aching for more help."Unfortunately, letting him play at all wouldn't be enough of a punishment for his boneheaded actions (though I like some of her other suggestions about turning him into a spokesperson against gun violence). I doubt it makes business sense to the Wizard's organization, but why not give the salary Arenas won't be getting to the schools? I bet they'd use it better.Photo via Flickr user Keith Allison
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D.C. Schools Are Losers in Gilbert Arenas Suspension