Brave Man Shares How He Saved a Deer’s Life in Sign Language

“She must be so cold. I am so happy that she survived.”

An inspiring video hit Reddit on Tuesday features a brave man who shares a heroic story in American Sign Language (ASL). In the video, a yet-to-be-identified man stands next to an ice-covered deer that he just risked his life to save. The video was quickly captioned into English for all to read by YouTube user Chris Haulmark.

“It happened while I was driving across the bridge and I noticed a deer crawling across the ice,” the brave man said. “Then I turned around and parked the car nearby.” After climbing a fence, he trudged his way through the snow to the dangerous ice where the deer was struggling and “tied a rope around the head of the deer, then pulled it out successfully.” After his story, in a loving gesture, the man pets the deer he named Miss Ice River on the head.

(H/T Vimeo)