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Courageous Dog Saves A Drowning Fawn

It happened in Long Island Sound.

The heartwarming video of a dog jumping into the water to save a drowning fawn is going viral, with over 4 million views on Facebook. But the one-minute clip doesn’t even capture the entire incredible story. On Sunday morning, Mark Freeley took his two dogs, Storm and Sara, down to Long Island Sound in New York. During their walk, Storm noticed a fawn struggling in the ocean, so he immediately jumped into the water and went after it.

“Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn,” Freeley told CBS New York. The dog quickly grabbed the struggling deer by the scruff of its neck and safely brought it back to shore. The dazed fawn lay on the beach while Storm gently nudged the animal to see if it was OK. The video ends with Freeley congratulating Storm saying, “Good job, boy. She’s OK. Oh, she’s so scared.” But the drama continued soon after.

Freeley called the Strong Island Rescue to check on the fawn because it was clearly traumatized. As soon as the rescue workers approached the fawn, it became scared, ran right back into the water, and this time was pulled out even farther. Rescue workers Frank Floridia and Eric Kutzing jumped into the water and were able to bring the fawn back to shore again using a rope. The fawn was taken to a local animal rescue to be treated for ticks and an eye injury.

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