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Hunter dies after being gored by a deer that he shot

In a rare feat, an unarmed deer killed an armed hunter in Arkansas.

Hunter dies after being gored by a deer that he shot
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Hunters give a lot of excuses for getting enjoyment out of killing innocent wildlife. They either rationalize it by saying they eat what the kill or that they're just abiding by the laws of nature.

But it's hard to rationalize the blood sport when there's no shortage of meat taken from animals that were bred for slaughter at the local supermarket.

It would be easier to accept if the humans and wildlife went at it face to face. Killing a deer with a gun is a pretty cowardly act, but going at it fist to antler takes considerable grit.

In a rare feat, an unarmed deer apparently killed an armed hunter in Arkansas.

Sixty-six year old Thomas Alexander died on Tuesday, October 22 after a bizarre incident while hunting in Yellville in northern Arkansas.

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"I've worked for the Game and Fish Commission for 20 years, and it's one of the stranger things that's happened," Keith Stephens, the Chief of Communications with the agency, told KY3.

Alexander shot a buck with a muzzleloader and went to go check on it to make sure it was dead and it attacked him. The Game and Fish Commission recommends that hunters do not approach a down deer for at least 30 minutes.

"I don't know how long he left it there, but he went up to check it to make sure it was dead. And evidently it wasn't," Stephens said.

"It got back up, and he had several puncture wounds on his body," Stephens continued.

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Rescue workers were able to retrieve Alexander's remains from the woods but the deer was nowhere to be found. "We haven't found the deer," Stephens told Buzzworthy. "We've had two K-9 units in the area, but it's begun to rain in [the area of the attack], so that's hampered efforts."

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission isn't sure if Alexander was killed by the goring or whether he had a heart attack after the confrontation with the deer. He was able to call his family after the attack, but stopped breathing shortly after.

Stephens says there was a similar goring a few years back in the town of Ashley, but no one died. "There was somebody that did get stuck by a buck's antlers, and this was about four years ago," Stephens said. "And it was pretty significant, but they did survive."

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