Dear Future, How Will You Be?

Jeff Schweitzer of HuffPo guffaws at the notion that anyone can reliably predict the future-especially on Wall Street. (Peter Schiff, anyone?) Nevertheless, the rest of the internets are ablaze with soothsaying bloggers. Here's a roundup of predictions from all over:According to BusinessWeek, consumers will continue to inch toward austerity, oil will creep back up in price, and more and more jobs will disappear (but we will bottom out, economically). There will also be a slew of big time mergers-a Bloomberg-organized transformation of The New York Times into a nonprofit, the swallowing of BP by Shell, and a combination of Chrysler and GM among them.TorrentFreak boasts Five File-sharing Predictions for 2009-one of which involves all of us becoming socialists. (Via Digg.)Archinect has too many predictions from too many designers, architects, and bloggers to enumerate here.In the same fashion, Inhabitat collected prophesies from a number of environmental movers and shakers. Here's what they had to say.Michelle Malkin expects that a trillion-dollar stimulus of package will fail to deliver results.The film and television industry offers a sneak preview of more layoffs and less production-not business as usual.And finally, for some reason, one psychic forsees that Sarah Silverman and Tina Fey will fight. Useful!(Photo: "2009 ... Bang or Bust?" by Above. Via Wooster.)