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Make a Wish for the Future: What's Yours?

Today begins a two-month activation that begins with one simple request: Make a wish, a Wish for the Future.

What would you say to your great-great grandchild? To future generations?

Together, let’s create a story world that envisions a better world. Today begins a two-month activation that begins with one simple request: Make a wish, a Wish for the Future.

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Make a wish for the future in 140 characters or less.

2. “Grant” a wish by choosing someone else’s wish and expanding on it in an idea, story or action. Granted wishes can be shared by posting a link/photo/video/audio clip on or on Twitter @GOOD using #W4tF.

3. We place your wishes and granted wishes into a time capsule for 100 years.

That’s right, a time capsule, one that 100 hundred ninth-graders from NYC’s Quest to Learn will design…with you. During the next two months, we as a community will think about what the time capsule should look like, where it should be buried and what should be put inside.

To lend some background, Wish for the Future was inspired by the Voyager Golden Records— phonograph records that were sent into space in 1977 aboard the Voyager spacecraft. These contain sounds and images showing the diversity of life on Earth, and are intended for intelligent extraterrestrial life or future humans to find. Additionally, Wish for the Future’s call to action originates with these words by R. Buckminster Fuller:

Make the world work, for 100 percent of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.


We at Reboot Stories, who will humbly be serving as your tour guides into the future, want to ignite the imaginations of many for social change. As people of all ages all over the world turn wishes into ideas, stories and actions for the time capsule, we begin to collectively design our own future.

We’ve got 60 days starting… now.

For the first month, we’ll focus on making wishes. You can post your wish in the comments below. We’d love to know where on Earth your wish is coming from, so make sure to tag your location in your GOOD profile.

During the second month, we’ll focus on granting each other’s wishes. You can grant a wish by expanding it in an idea, story or action. Then simply post the text/link/photo/video/audio clip on or Twitter using #W4tF.

The time capsule will be filled with your creations in early February. We plan to bury it in 2014, although the details will organically grow out of this collaboration with you. One idea is to have the time capsule emit radio signals every five years to remind users of your wishes until batteries die out. Another hope is for people in the future to unearth the capsule in 2114 and connect with what you wished for them. Who these people are and what they find will be determined by our collective design.

Your wishes and granted wishes (see steps 1 and 2 above for more detail or visit our site) will also live on at The first 25 people to grant a wish will receive a limited edition Wish for the Future card in the mail. So join in and let’s have some fun.

This post is part of a series of posts examining the idea time and imagining our collective future. Tell us your wish for the future here and we'll bury it in a time capsule.


Above illustration by Tyler Hoehne

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