After 25 Years, Danish Man Finishes Incredible Walkable Map Of The Earth

The amazing hand-built project is also completely to scale

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Have you ever wished you could walk across the Earth? Being that the planet is over 24,000 miles in circumference, it would take you about 11 years to make it all the way around (that’s also assuming you can walk on water). The next best thing to traversing the globe may be a unique park in Denmark called Verdenskortet (“world map” in Danish), where you can walk across the continents on a scale map of the Earth.

The map is 300 feet by 150 feet and 10 inches on it corresponds to a scale of approximately 69 miles. Each country on the map is represented by a flag and U.S. states are represented yellow bricks. Red poles mark the equator, and you can play a globe-trotting game of mini golf across the grass. The map is located in the center of a park where you can also have a picnic and enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries after your adventure.

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This amazing attraction is the work of one man, Søren Poulsen, who built the map using rudimentary hand tools, a wheelbarrow, and pushcart. The islands were constructed atop a pond with soil and stone. His idea for the map came after noticing a stone on his property that was shaped like the Jutland peninsula. Poulsen began the project in 1944 and worked on it for 25 years until his death in 1969. Approximately 35,000 people visit the attraction each year.

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