Design an Infographic About the New Health-Care Bill: Winner Announced

It's time to announce the winner of our latest infographic project. This one was a hard one, both for you and for us to judge. The health-care bill is complicated and fraught and any parsing of it (or deciding on other people's parsing) was anything but easy. It was so hard, in fact, that we're unveiling a new way to award these contests. We'll be offering prizes in three categories: best information, best design, and best overall infographic. Every one of the three wins our prize package.

Best overall: Nate Clancy. Clancy's piece (above) is an excellent primer on all aspects of the health-care bill, from its contents, to its budget, to the fight for its passage. Spend a few minutes with this piece, and you will have a much broader understanding of U.S health care going forward. Click here for a full version.

Best information: Nicole Maria Rincon. Rincon's straight foward presentation of the facts of the bill lets you know exactly what we will be getting in terms of health-care reform over the next 10 years. The pros and cons are incredibly helpful, too. Click here for the full version, it's much longer than the image above.

Best design: Marco Giannini. Giannin's visual concept, the health-care-bill-as-subway-map was excellent, and the icon work and various levels of information are also great. It's an infographic you're happy to lose yourself in for a long time. Click here for a full version.

You can see all the submissions here. We would, as always, like to thank everyone who participated. This decision was incredibly hard. Check back soon for our next infographic project.

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