Dietary Supplements: Celebrities, Champagne, and Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are the new Doritos, Armand de Brignac is the new Cristal, and Europe celebrates biodiversity while declaring a ban on GM crops illegal.

"Choking may have been preferable to spitting out bat stubble." Boston restaurateur describes grilled bat as "the single worst thing I have ever eaten in my entire life."

"The truth about baby carrots is they possess many of the defining characteristics of our favorite junk food. They're neon orange, they're crunchy, they're dippable, they're kind of addictive."

How Armand de Brignac became the next Cristal, and what Jay-Z's making off it.

For a new HBO mini-series set during the Depression, Tom Colicchio taught Kate Winslet a special old-fashioned way of portioning a chicken.

A new UK report released on World Water Day finds that each year, Britons throw away two times as much water in the form of uneaten food as they actually use for washing and drinking.

Radiation has leaked into the sea from the crippled Fukushima reactor, raising serious concerns about the seafood caught in the region.

The European Union attorney general declared France's ban on Monsanto's genetically modified maize to be illegal.

And today's image is of the fa├žade of the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen. The living map was designed by architect Johanna Rossbach to show off the continent's biodiversity, with plants arranged according to their regional origin.

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