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Dietary Supplements: The End of the Minibar, Paper or Plastic, and More

Latte art and ethanol earmarks feature in our daily round-up of news and links from GOOD Food HQ.

Satsuma's (a Japanese seedless fruit) "mindshare" is way up in the first quarter of 2011, according to companies who monitor social media buzz around different ingredients.

No cupcakes for the Royal Wedding: Will and Kate will be slicing into a traditional, multi-tiered fruit cake, which holds up much better when mailed out to each of the Commonwealth nations.

If schools continue to focus on testing, does “No Child Left Behind” contribute to obesity?

"Childhood teaches us what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and what food should taste like. Children don't have to learn to like sweet."

Kaolin clay can be used as an organic pesticide, an ingredient in Pepto-Bismol's original formula, and, now, in an incredible edible egg shell.

Attention backyard farmers and nostalgic eaters: "Heirlooms are not intrinsically more appetizing than modern hybrids."

Senator Coburn has introduced legislation to eliminate secret earmarks from the federal budget, including removing an ethanol tax credit that would save $6 billion in taxpayer money.

Today in material alternatives: Cars made out of bananas and pineapple and snowboards built from bonemeal and offal.

Goodbye minibars and M&Ms, hello communal coffee and lobby snack shops: the changing landscape of hotel room amenities.

Paper or plastic? After campaigning against trans-fats, this San Franciscan has dismayed his fans by founding

A little self-promotional extra credit: Danielle Gould of Food + Tech Connect interviewed me about my ambitions for the GOOD Food hub and my ideas about using journalism to create community.

And today's adorable image comes from Salon's latte art contest, where it was submitted by Ben, at The Treehouse Hotel in Santa Elena, Costa Rica. You have until April 6 to send in your own entries.

Dietary Supplements is a daily round-up of what we're reading at GOOD Food HQ.

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