Dietary Supplements: Thursday, February 10

Dietary Supplements is a daily roundup of what we're reading at GOOD Food HQ. Today we're serving a tasty mix of greens and corporate hypocrisy.

Today in salad: Lettuce sucks (literally). California's Central Valley lost an estimated 13,000 gallons of groundwater over the last 13 years.

Eating cheap greens this winter? Picture the Imperial Valley, a desert full of greens and a giant "Ag sponge" sopping up the Colorado River.

Today in legislative affairs: A bipartisan group of House lawmakers has introduced a bill to ban AquAdvantage, the fast-growing salmon that is the first genetically engineered food item headed directly for our plates.

Superbug heaven: A routine FDA inspection at a Pennsylvania farm found that veal calf meat contained up to 15 times the permitted level of antibiotics.

Today in unsurprising but disappointing corporate hypocrisy: With Jamie Oliver's cameras gone, U.S. Foodservice pulls its support for Huntington's Food Revolution.

And today in extreme locavorism: Leather bags made from the tanned skins of grass-fed beef served in hipster Brooklyn restaurants are "the latest in farm-to-table-to-closet fashion."

Finally, today's image of a duck on a pedestal comes from the ever-interesting Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog, where it forms part of a short survey of food on pedestals. Apparently the Philippines is a particular hotspot for food statuary, boasting several golden cows, a giant tilapia, and a fierce pineapple.