Dog Sees His Favorite Toy Come To Life

His owners gave him an unbelievable Halloween treat

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There’s nothing Ben Mesches dog, Jolene, loves more than cuddling up with her favorite toy, a 12-inch stuffed Gumby doll. So Mensches decided to give Jolene a Halloween treat by dressing up as a life-size Gumby and surprising her. Although animal researchers have never proven whether dogs can be starstruck, one could make the case for it after seeing Jolene’s joyous reaction.

“Believe it or not, I already had the costume,” Mesches told The Dodo. “She was still very excited for about an hour.” After the excitement wore down and the video camera was turned off, Mesches had one final trick up his sleeve. He took off the mask, revealing himself to be inside the Gumby costume. After the big surprise, Jolene fell asleep with her favorite toy as a pillow.