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Donald Trump Just Said, If Elected, He Will Cancel The Paris Agreement

We are still searching for the bottom of Trump’s campaign rhetoric

A southern California man watches the hills behind his house burn, which feels oddly similar to how watching Trump's candidacy feels. Image courtesy of Getty Images

Donald Trump gave a speech today about his “energy policy” at an oil industry conference in North Dakota, and we have only one question about it: Is this real life?

After vowing to dismantle the Environment Protection Agency at a town hall that took place in April, he went global with his energy plan today by saying he would “cancel” the Paris Climate Agreement and “withdraw any funding for United Nations programs related to global warming,” according to NBCNews.

The Paris Agreement! The climate pact that basically the whole world signed is of course nothing more than a bunch of “draconian climate rules” to Trump. And of course, since he had an entire prepared speech to give, there were more bon mots:

On coal, “We're going to save that coal industry. Believe me, we're going to save it.”

On why wind turbines are making him sad, “Wind is killing hundreds and hundreds of eagles, one of the most beautiful, one of the most treasured birds. So wind is a problem.”

On our natural resources, “We're sitting on energy like no one would believe!”

His plan upon taking office is to, “Rescind all job-destroying Obama executive actions... including the Climate Action Plan.”

Energy independence in the United States isn’t enough for Trump. He wants more, “American energy dominance will be declared a strategic, economic, and foreign policy goal of the United States.”

On green energy, “I know a lot about solar.”

Vox did a pretty thorough fact check on key points from Trump’s speech, even though you could probably do that yourself by hiring the closest 7 year old you can find to just perform a cursory Google.

So, the unfortunate answer to our initial question is yes, this is real life. And yes, this man will be his party’s nominee for the presidency. Never forget:

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