Education: Morning Roundup, Furlough Fridays

Morning Roundup:

From the Associated Press: Deal reached to end Hawaii school furloughs
Hawaii reached a budget deal that will end the state’s practice of shortening the school year. Hawaii's more than 170,000 public school students lost 17 instructional days to furloughs during the current school year, which ends Wednesday, giving the state the shortest academic year in the nation.

From The Washington Post: Maryland endorses core standards for public schools

Maryland on Tuesday became one of the first states to endorse academic standards that are part of a movement to unify reading and math instruction across the nation, a move that would affect every public school student in the state and require new teacher training and standardized tests.

From The New York Times: More Scrutiny for Charter Schools in Debate Over Expansion

A review of public documents shows that many charter schools have spent money in questionable ways.

From The New York Times: At Harvard, Kagan Aimed Sights Higher

Elena Kagan’s dealings with Lawrence H. Summers, a top U.S. economic adviser and the former president of Harvard, reveal intense ambition and political ski

Photo (cc) via Flickr user christinelu.