Education: Morning Roundup, Green Graduation Gowns

Morning Roundup:

From The New York Times: Obama Conveys Principle to Students

Speaking at Kalamazoo Central High School, President Obama offered a theme of personal responsibility. He imparted his buck-stops-here philosophy to an audience of high school graduates, telling them: “Don’t make excuses. Take responsibility not just for your successes. Take responsibility where you fall short as well.”


From the Los Angeles Times: The gowns are green—at least philosophically

A number of campuses that are adopting environmentally friendly graduation garb made from either renewable wood fibers or recycled plastic bottles.


From the Associated Press: High court won’t take up No Child Left Behind case

The Supreme Court yesterday turned away a challenge by school districts and teacher unions to the federal No Child Left Behind law.


From The Washington Post: Campuses for Tiger Woods Learning Center set to open in Washington

After a three-year search for a location, Tiger Woods's charitable foundation will announce Tuesday that it plans to open campuses for the Tiger Woods Learning Center this fall at a pair of District charter schools, following through on a pledge to make Washington the East Coast base for Woods's philanthropic effort.


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