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A New Park In Turkey Lets You Walk Among The Treetops

Taking parks to the next level

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As our cities become more congested, architects have been forced to look upwards, creating skyscrapers for people to live and work. Now, as urban sprawl eats up city park land, a architectural firm is reimagining parks in a spectacular way. Recently, Bilgili Holding, a Turkish development company, reached out to Dror, a New York City architectural firm, to come up with ideas for a park in Istanbul. And Dror’s designs are breathtaking … just don’t look down.

In its ideation for Parkorman, a recreation area six miles from Istanbul’s busy city center, Dror came up with catwalks, “The Chords,” that allow visitors to walk high above the park floor. The designs also include “The Loop,” an area where people can enjoy swings, hammocks, and trampolines in the treetops. “The initial idea with The Chords was to make it possible to experience nature in ways we don't typically have,” Dror Benshetrit, head of the firm, told Architectural Digest. “The elevated pathway creates a new interaction with trees at different latitudes.”

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Although the designs have been approved by the Turkish government, there is no timetable for their completion. But when the park is completed, it will surely change the way other big cities envision their parks in the future. “We strongly believe in the importance of bringing nature into architecture,” Benshetrit said. “And I think that we can expect more public green spaces above ground level moving forward.”

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