‘Avengers’ Star Elizabeth Olsen Calls Out Empire Magazine For Photoshopping Her Beyond Recognition

“Does this look like me?”

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.


Photoshopping may be phased out faster than we know it.

Have we hit the tipping point where celebrities are now afraid of being Photoshopped? Has the public become so bored by perfection that flawless skin and unrealistic waistlines are now as vulgar as wearing fur?

Let’s hope so.

Recently, big-name stars including Keira Knightley, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, and Nicki Minaj have all complained about being digitally altered in photos. Now, Elizabeth Olsen, who reprises her role as Scarlet Witch in the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War,” claims she’s been Photoshopped beyond recognition in a new issue of Empire magazine.

Olsen posted a photo of the magazine on Instagram with the caption, “April 27th ... Does this look like me?”


The retouched photo altered Olsen’s hair and streamlined her nose to the point that it looks like she’s had plastic surgery.

“No Lizzie, you don’t need this terrible photoshop,” one fan commented.

Another added, “No, that is insulting to your real, actually sweet face! So unnecessary.”

The Instagram post has since been removed.

Empire says it isn’t to blame for the debacle. “Empire magazine did not make any alterations to the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ artwork, supplied to them by Disney and Marvel Studios, that appears on the May 2018 cover,” it said in a statement to Today Style. (As of yet, neither Disney nor Marvel have responded to Empire’s claim.)

If publishers are heading for the hills after being accused of Photoshopping, it’s a good indicator that the technique is becoming passé. And if more people in the public eye come forward about being altered against their wishes, the practice may become a thing of the past.