Embroiled British MP Gets Served by Feisty and Vindictive Populace

Go people. In another example of stunning bravado from members of the human race, some cheeky Britons have taken it upon themselves to publicly shame a member of their government for being out of touch with reality.The Right Honorable Jacqui Smith is the British Home Secretary (one of the highest offices in the parliamentary government), a position responsible for police, crime-fighting, and anti-terrorism-which in Britain makes her de facto Big Brother. And not unlike the crude American financial executives who had the gall to accept huge bonuses in addition to federal bailout money, Smith is being pilloried for claiming expenses totaling $174,000 on a second residence-which, while arguably excessive in this time of global belt-tightening, is perfectly legal. Except that it seems not to be her second residence. Her "first residence" is actually her sister's house, where she stays a few days a week. Complicating matters (or making them that much more funny, depending on your sense of humor) is the fact that Smith has already been in hot water for claiming expenses on two porn films her husband rented.Watch the video below of two British reporters who casually wandered up to her sister's house (that's her "primary residence" for those of you keeping score at home) and affixed a faux English Heritage plaque to the side of it, detailing her contributions to public service. And go here for a list of other MPs said reporters deem plaque-worthy.[youtube] NotCot. Photo from The Sun.