Everything Wrong with Cable News in One Infuriating Video

Watch as America's three major news networks literally mute Nancy Pelosi for talking about jobs and Medicare instead of Anthony Weiner.


Fox News often takes flack for dumbing down the news in favor of wild salaciousness. And while much of that reputation is deserved, what the shots to O'Reilly et al. often fail to add is that the other cable news outlets aren't much better. For proof, look no further than the TPM video above, which depicts the insane circus sideshow our news has become.

Watch carefully as Fox and the "good" cable outlets prepare to tune into House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's press conference this morning, which was set to start right after news broke that noted penis-pic sender Anthony Weiner would resign. Then watch as all the outlets cut away from Pelosi when she says she won't be addressing questions about Weiner, but will instead be talking about actually very important stuff like "jobs, protecting Medicare, and protecting the middle class."

With news feeds like this, you should no longer be surprised when young people have no idea what's happening in international politics.