How important is the sell-by date on the food you buy?Apparently, for quite a lot of people in the United Kingdom, it's no big deal at all. According to Tree Hugger, the online grocer known as Approved Food has been selling expired "Nutella and Marmite and biscuits and canned soup for half the price of that in the shops. And people are snapping it up."Having worked at a market myself, I know how much food is regularly thrown away-a good deal of which is probably safe to eat. So, it makes sense that during tough economic times people would get a little less picky about the freshness of their biscuits. Just as long as the food isn't hurting anyone, it seems as though everyone wins in this situation-the grocer makes money and creates less waste, and the people get to eat for cheap.What do you think: If you could purchase slightly expired food for half price, would you do so? Anyone know of any similar deals?