Extra Credit: Can Someone Bring Chile's Star Wars School to the States?

Welcome to the first-ever edition of Extra Credit, a daily roundup of noteworthy education stories.

Taking a cue from GOOD's Food and Environment editors (and myriad other online writers), I'm doing a daily roundup of all the intriguing and noteworthy education stories I came across in the course of a day, but didn't get around to writing about. Here's the first edition:

The esteemed Daniel Pink pokes holes in the ever popular idea that trying teacher pay to student standardized test results works.

Next month marks the 28th anniversary of the groundbreaking 1983 education report "A Nation at Risk." Yang Zhao does an awesome (and on-point) mock rewrite for the 21st century.

A New York City principal forgot to schedule gym class—and now a bunch of seniors might not graduate. Oops.

Blogger E.D. Kain wonders if controversial Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is the new face of education reform.

California schools face an unprecedented $4.5 billion in education cuts and 19,000 teachers received pink slips. But Arne Duncan is flip flopping on whether he's for or against using teacher seniority in layoff decisions.

And finally, for all you Star Wars fans: There's a new martial arts school in Chile called the Jedi Temple, and yes, the students use light sabers.

Extra Credit is a daily round-up of what we're reading at GOOD Education HQ.