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Facebook for Nonprofits: Tips On How to Make Your Page Better 32 Best Practices for Nonprofits on Facebook: With Step-by-Step Instructions

Hey nonprofits, here are 32 quick changes to your Facebook page that will boost interaction and involvement, with click-by-click instructions.

Social media consultants Diosa Communications have posted their extensive list of tips for nonprofit organizations on how to beef up a Facebook page to interact with supporters, increase donations and get people active for your cause. They have laid out the tips in 32 specific steps with links and click-by-click instructions for everything. If you manage a nonprofit Facebook page, take the time to read it—if you want throngs of supporters populating your personal page, go ahead and click through too. Why not?

A sampling of the tips:

7) Add the "Static FBML" App and learn basic HTML.

The Static FBML App is one of the most important Apps on Facebook. It allows you to add customized Tabs to your page that can include text, links and images as long as you have a basic working knowledge of HTML (View Basic HTML Tutorial). PLEASE NOTE: Facebook is only supporting the FBML App through December 31, 2010! Build those custom Tabs while you still can... easily!

15) Limit your Status Updates to one or two per day.


The Likers of the Nonprofit Organizations Facebook Page have made it quite clear that more than one Status Update a day from your organizations, and you're in the realm getting unliked, or at the very least "Hidden". You can get away with two Status Updates a day as long as one is in the morning and the other is in the afternoon. The law of diminishing returns kicks in after that. View Poll.


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