Fantastic News: Local Food Will Invade LAX

Cinnabon and Chili's aren't going to kill you (at least not very quickly), but isn't it time we have some better dining options in airports? Yes, it is. In Los Angeles, LAX just opened a bidding process to bring quality local eateries in to replace the boring food options that dominate the terminals there.

The list of potentials includes Koreatown's Park's Bar-B-Q, Groundwork Coffee, M Cafe, Border Grill Taqueria, and a sandwich shop from Nancy Silverton, who co-owns Pizzeria Mozza with Mario Batali. Given that LAX's eating options haven't been updated in 15 years, and that any of these places would be an improvement over Burger King, this is very good news. Imagine LAX—or any airport—with real local flavor rather than the same industrial-food hegemony. Sure, movies that use airports as a metaphor for a bland, transient existence would make less sense, but overall, we'd be better for it.

My only suggestion: Let's not limit this to the high-end eateries. Can we get some taco trucks and bacon-wrapped hot dog carts involved?