Some Teens Kept Sexually Harassing This Young Journalist. So She Humiliated the Hell Out of Them.

They may be trolls, but they still have mothers.

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When 21-year-old journalist and YouTube star Alanah Pearce had just about enough of young male fans threatening to sexually assault her, she decided to fight back in an uniquely powerful (and hilarious) way: she told their mothers. The Queensland video game reviewer posted one interaction on Twitter, which instantly went viral—to date recieving over 37,000 retweets.

Pearce recently told The Guardian that she realized that people who send the most sexually aggressive message weren't adult males, but were actually young boys.
“The problem is they don’t know any better,” she said. “So responding to them rationally didn’t resolve the situation. And it got to the point where their comments were starting to make me feel really uncomfortable.”

According to Mashable, tracking down the boys’ moms was not difficult: she simply looked through the personal Facebook accounts of the harrassers and contacted them directly.

Here’s the tweet that started it all (warning: strong language). Note the horrified mom’s reaction: “omg little shit” followed by “IM SO SORRY.”

h/t Mashable