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Find Fun in a Serious Cause—and Help CFC Win $50K Find Fun in a Serious Cause—and Help CFC Win $50K

Find Fun in a Serious Cause—and Help CFC Win $50K

by Amara Holstein

May 17, 2011

Since there are only two full time employees of Cancer for College (CFC), the nonprofit organization depends on its committed team of volunteers for everything, whether its packing boxes of Will Ferrell-branded sunscreen in its Southern California warehouse, loading up auction items, or setting up at the annual golf events. Additional volunteers are always appreciated and welcome. As a bonus, since Will Ferrell “comes to anything he can, if he’s not in the middle of filming,” says Craig Pollard, founder of CFC, there’s a good chance that you might spot Ferrell up close if you put in the time to help in person.

Can’t afford the event fees or live too far from the event destinations? There are a number of affordable items available online from which proceeds also greatly help the organization. Ferrell has lent his name and face to bottles of $13 sunscreen and more than 22,000 bottles touting skin cancer prevention have been sold—practically covering the organization’s entire operating costs. All other money goes directly to the students, including donations from  Will Ferrell bobbleheads, cowbells, and other items sold on CFC’s website, and Pollard promises some more fun Ferrell items in the works for the coming year.


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Find Fun in a Serious Cause—and Help CFC Win $50K