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5 super moms who'll inspire you to kick ass today.

Being a super mom is easier than you think!

via Alan Bentrup/Flickr

Everyone knows being a mom is the toughest job out there. (Suck it, coal mining ice fishermen.) It’s typical to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and even like you’re a bad mom sometimes. Everyone’s trying to do it all, but guess what? You don’t have to.

Being a super mom is easier and more fun than you think. Let these five badass moms inspire you to crush it today, or at least make it through the afternoon without locking yourself in the closet eating Cheerios.

1. The pregnant mom who whips and nae naes with her daughter.

Super moms make time for fun. Even though Nikki Taylor was eight months pregnant, she still found time to go viral in a dance video with her 6-year-old daughter, Jaylyn. Little Jaylyn’s got moves that would put Beyonce to shame, but the cutest part might be her intro: “My mom is gonna rock it. But don’t laugh at her!”

2. This mom who got some sleep, finally.

Super moms know they need rest to stay super. Proud papa Tony Emms wrote a very touching letter on Facebook to his sleeping fiancée?, a stay-at-home mom, praising her for all she does. That post has been shared over 17,000 times, because everyone knows even Superman is Clark Kent sometimes.

3. The mom who makes multitasking look easy.

Super moms get stuff done. NFL player Antonio Cromartie’s wife Terricka is a mother of five, including two-month-old twins. Terricka shared this Instagram of her breastfeeding and getting ready to go out without the kids for the first time. She makes it look easy, although everyone knows motherhood is anything but. Super moms need me-time too.


4. This mom who gave herself a grandchild.

Super moms will do anything for their kids, and I do mean anything. Sherri Dickson loved her daughter so much, she had a baby for her. The 51-year-old mother volunteered to act as a surrogate for her daughter Mandy Stephens when she found out she and her husband weren’t able to have children naturally. That’s a super mom and a super duper grandma.

via ABC News

5. The mom who went viral getting her 4 kids ready for bed.

Super moms make it work. It seems impossible to get four young kids ready for bed at the same time, but mom Corrie-Lynn Whyte pulls it off every night. When you see the video of Corrie wrangling triplets Olivia, Levi, and Jackson into their onesies while rambunctious older sister Emily goes buck wild jumping on the bed, it’s kind of hilarious and downright impressive.

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