Fore! A Biodegradable Golf Ball Caters to Fish Fore! A Biodegradable Golf Ball Caters to Fish
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Fore! A Biodegradable Golf Ball Caters to Fish

by Alicia Capetillo

January 9, 2010

When Kramer hailed the joys of smacking golf balls into the ocean in a season five episode of Seinfeld, he failed to mention the damaging environmental effect of submerging plastic golf balls into oceans that are already heavily polluted. Enter the Ecobioball, a new golf ball from Spanish company Albus Gold S.L. that allows those who are equal part golf and aquatic enthusiasts the opportunity to practice their sport while simultaneously benefiting our undersea friends. Treehugger reports:

Ecobioballs claims to be 100% safe for the flora and fauna of the sea, as it is fully biodegradable and non-toxic. Once the balls hit the water, they biodegrade in less than 48 hours, letting out the fish food they contain inside.

Though the Albus Golf Web site does not discuss whether or not the biodegradable ball will grant users a performance similar to that of a traditional plastic ball, a video demonstration does show how the ball can be hit by a variety of different clubs. Whether or not legitimate golfers will utilize the new Ecobioball remains to be seen, but practice on a sunny beach or boat and the ability to avoid additional pollution and provide fish food instead? If you must, I say swing on Kramer, swing on.Photo via Albus Golf.

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Fore! A Biodegradable Golf Ball Caters to Fish