Foster Children Can Move From Home to Home, But Some Find Their Forever Family

This brother and sister lived in a few foster homes, but none of them felt real. Until now.

Meet Alex and Brittney. And, eventually, Baylen.

Through a Seattle nonprofit, Amara, they ended up with a family that absolutely fell in love with them.

The statistics are always alarming. In the United States, there are 400,000 kids in foster care at any given time. Some bounce from house to house, each separation a new trauma for them to carry with them. Or sometimes a foster home itself can be the source of additional trauma.

And some end up in the arms of people they can call a “forever family.”

It happens. My wife and I followed exactly the same path as the family in this video. We decided we wanted kids in our lives, met our future children through the foster care system, and then fell in love with them. We finalized our adoption last summer.

But be forewarned: The system is very, very broken, and it’s dealing with kids who have PTSD and other issues. So it’s key that you find a great organization and a smart team of professionals to work with you and help make the transition less challenging and help the kids heal. It takes determination, patience, and sometimes even more heartbreak before things get better.

Here’s one family’s heartwarming story.

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