'Game of Thrones' Gets a High School Twist With Parody Web Series

At Westeros Valley High, cliques "aren't allowed to intermingle" due to "high school politics."

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What would happen if the wildly popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones fell in love with a high school and they had a baby? The brand new School of Thrones web series is what.

Game fans will feel right at home with the intrigues of Westeros Valley High, which are pretty spot-on reinterpretations of the show's drama. The first episode of Game was "Winter is Coming," but modern high school kids don't exactly get bent out of shape by that. During "Prom is Coming" we quickly discover that cliques "aren't allowed to intermingle" due to "high school politics."

Especially brilliant: The new girl on campus, dragon-loving, potential pyromaniac Daenerys dramatically declares, "I've spent my life transferring from school to school—prep, public, private—and they've all collapsed on out-of-control prom nights." Just wait till these teens encounter state testing week or have to pass a high school exit exam in order to graduate.