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Gay Couple's Wedding Invite Gets Horrendous RSVP

Of course, it was sent anonymously

via Cleveland 19

With just 30 days to go before their wedding, Keith Alan and Chad Michael of Canton, Ohio were finalizing to their guest list and received a hate-filled anonymous response from someone they considered a friend. “So I opened it up, I saw it, I read it and I was like it’s almost got to be a joke, it doesn’t seem real,” Keith told the Cleveland 19 News. In the letter, not only did their “friend” reveal he or she never supported their relationship, but invited local anti-gay group protest the ceremony.

via Twitter

But the couple isn’t intimidated by the letter and their wedding will go on as planned. “Never even crossed my mind. I never even thought about canceling and quite frankly, other than our initial shock of the letter this made us both want to do it more,” Alan said. After the couple posted the letter online, the support they’ve received from friends, family and the public has outweighed the hate of one ex-friend. But the couple are reviewing their guest list to try and figure out who sent the the hateful message.

After news of the letter spread, a local church decided to throw a card shower for the couple. You can share your support by sending a letter to:

New Vision United Church of Christ
3129 Market Ave North, Canton, Ohio 44714
Attn: Chad and Keith

Here are some of the messages of support the couple has received on Twitter.

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