This girl wore her mom's 22-year-old prom dress and slayed.

Plus, it held a sentimental value that money can't buy.

via Twitter / Ally Johnson

Prom is a pretty big deal for many high school students, and things can easily get pricey between the outfit, the corsage, the limo, the ticket...the list goes on. But instead of spending a small fortune on a brand new prom dress, senior Ally Johnson decided to wear her mother’s 22-year-old gown to the big dance, and it looked just as gorgeous in 2017 as it did when her mother wore it back in 1995.

Plus, it held a sentimental value that money can’t buy.

We have to say, we do miss those fabulous (and very ‘90s) long black gloves, though.

via Twitter / Ally Johnson

The Huffington Post reported that Ally’s mother Lori offered up her now-vintage prom dress to her daughter for past dances, but Ally was never into the idea. However, after failing to find a gown she loved for her prom, she decided to give her mother’s dress a go.

She then asked her grandmother, who had been saving the dress, if she could try it on. It fit like a glove and she fell in love with it instantly.

via Twitter / Ally Johnson

“It is very stretchy, which made it fit perfectly,” Ally told The Huffington Post. “I was surprised because my mom had a very different build than I did when she was in high school.”

Now Ally says she plans on holding on to the dress just in case she one day has a daughter who wants to wear it.

“I feel like I started a tradition,” she told HuffPost. “I’mm going to hold onto this dress and hopefully my daughter will be willing to wear it to her senior prom.”

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