People who were told to 'go back to their country' share their experiences with the racist phrase

"It’s rooted in centuries of ignorance, violence and white supremacy."

ICYMI: our President used a despicable racist phrase this weekend to bully and disparage members of Congress who have challenged him. In a series of tweets that should've been deleted the second they left his tiny, racist brain, he told "'Progressive' Democrat Congresswomen" they should "go back to where they came from." The tweet was most likely directed at AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, all women of color who represent, and are from, the United States. It's disgusting; it's racist; and it's not surprising given that Trump is a known disgusting racist. It's also far from the first time this wording has been used by racists to belittle, insult and harm immigrants and people of color who live in the U.S.

AOC and many others were quick to call him out.

Many folks have taken to Twitter to share their experiences with being told to "go back to where they came from," and their stories highlight just how ignorant and hypocritical these words are and also how damaging and painful they can be.

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